Monday, December 3, 2012

Ghazipur __a sufi place

Islam in Ghazipur spread through the efforts of Sufis like Hazrat Malik Mardan,Malik Bahri ,Hazrat Shah Junaid Peer,Hazrat Jamal Ahmad Makki and many more sufis of Ghazipur.

Islam spread in Ghazipur mostly through the works of Sufis, here is no exception to that. Chishtia, Saharwardiya, Qadirya,Madariya, and Shattaria are some of the major Sufi silsilahs that found home in Ghazipurt. In Ghazipur there are many Muslim social groups with clues about their non-Muslim past hidden in their last names. But egalitarian message of Sufis was not enough to erase the social differences among the groups. Muslim social groups retained their hereditary professions or social class but thankfully the caste differences were not as rigid. 
While studying life stories of Sufi saints, certain specialties of their life were such that they influenced common society.

For example:
1. Life of Sufi saint was full of simplicity.
2. They owned (i.e. Sufi saints) clean and transparent character.
3. There was no difference between their life and principles.
4. They always used to remain absorbed in warship.
5. They were above social and economic discrimination.
6. They were self-less and benevolent.
7. They used to respect other religions or sect and accept their good principles and thoughts.

Islam being at base of Sufism mostly Sufi saint used to think and reflect on the commands given in Quran and Hadith. They continuously recite God-Allah’s name and
remained intoxicated in it. Only sometimes they used to neglect matters like commands of Quran-e-sherif, namely ‘Namaz (prayer), Roza (fasting), and Hajja ( holly pilgrimage). However, high level Sufi saint strictly used to obey commands of Islam.
In Ghazipur __ in fact, there are hundreds of holy places associated with Sufi saints where Sufism is still a thriving tradition and many important Sufi center still continue to flourish.

The numerous Sufi religious establishments were the major means of spreading Islam and adapting it to indigenous cultural tradition. Of the various Sufi orders, Muslims of Ghazipur  prominently follow Chistiyya, Naqshbandiyya, Qadiriyya and Suhrawardiyya orders.

For centuries the Hindus accepted Sufi shrines as symbol of communal harmony. A large number of them offer prayers at the tombs of the Sufi saints.

The Sufi saints wrote in local language or even dialect and hence were much closer to the people. Popularity of these Sufi saints is indeed tremendous.

The famous Sufi saints who contributed greatly in propagating the message of Islam in Ghazipur District especially  --- Hazrat Malik Mardan[ Shadiabad ,1029 A.H.],Malik Bahri,Sayed Tajuddin sabzwari [ Death ,Tajpur dehma .1264 A.D. ],Makhdum Tajuddin Abbasi [Saidpur bhitri . 1330 A.D.],Amir Masud Ghazi [ Ghazipur.1330 A.D.]Makhdum Jalal [1330 A.D.],Sayd Jamal susandwi [ 1331 A.D.],Sayd Jiraan shaheed urf Judan shaheed [ 1330 A.D.],Khwaja Moinuddin Qattal [Zahoorabad. 1330 A.D.], Shaikh Ghulam Mustafa Adhami [ Bahariabad.1332 A.D.],Shaikh Mohd.Saleem Muhammadabadi[1331A.D.],Makhdum shah Ahmad Bin jala [ Chaukiya.1335 A.D.],Shaikh Bandagi Fareed [Dhrammarpur],Shaikh Shah Shahabuddin chisti [Norruddinpura.722Hijree],Makhdum Aanand peer [ Shah nind ,Mohammadabad.1475 A.D. Death],Sayd Shah Numud [saidpur from holy man,sayd shah numud,Ain e Akbari, Blochman p.382,Oldham,part 1,P.81],Makhdum Abul Fateh Chishti [1510 A.D.],Makhdum Shah Ahmad zamanvi [1525 A.D.],Sayd Shah Barkhurdar abbasi [ Shamashan ghat,roohi mandvi.1510 A.D.],Shaikh Mahmood Faruqui [ 1512 A.D. ], Shaikh Fakhruddin Madari [1536 A.D.death],Sayd Shah Bahlol urf Phool shah [ zahoorabad,1490 A.D.],Shaikh Shah Mohd.Ghaus [ birh, Zahoorabad,1492 A.D.,Death Gawalior,1575 A.D. ],Shaikh Akhtiyaruddin [ Saroli urf pahetiya,1510 A.D. ],Shaikh Jamal Ahmad Makki [ Yusufpur Mohammadabad,1526 A.D. ],Shaikh Shah Junaid Qadri [ Saklenabad,1526 A.D. ],Shaikh Jamaluddin Ahmad [Sihani,dildarnagar,1526 A.D. ],Mulla Ruknuddin Bahariyabadi [ death 1684 A.D. ],Shaikh Samman [ death Saidpur,1527 A.D. ],Shaikh Yaqoob Chisti [ 1527A.D.],Shaikh Ishaaq chishti [ death Shahipura,Lautan imlee,1625 A.D.],Shaikh Usman Chishti  [ zamania,1610 A.D. ], Shaikh Roohulla sarolvi [Roohi mandvi,1621 A.D.],Shaikh shah Bandagi Jamal [ death saidpur bhitri ,1621 A.D.],Sayd Meer Hasan urf Miran shah Bal-jatti [ Mohammadabad ,1639 A.D.],Sayd Ahmad Bheekh urf Bilmeek Shah [ 1622 A.D.],Sayd Shah Mohd.Afzal Saidpuri alis Allahabadi  [ birth Bhitri 1628 A.D. –Death Allahabad ,1763 A.D.],Shaikh Salahuddin urf Dadan miyan [1650 A..D.],Sayd inayatullah nunahrvi [ 1625A.D.],Sayd Mohd.Waris Rasulnuma Nonahrvi summa Bnanrsi [ 1676 A.D. ],Shaikh Mohd.Fasih [ 1222 Hijri ],Sayd Shah Abul ghaus Garam Diwan [ death 1178 Hijree],Sayd Shah Fakhruddin [ Dhawa 1979 A.D.]Shaikh Ziauddin peer [ Mahajan toil,1810 A.D.],Shaikh zahorulhaq Mohd.Abdul Aleem Aasi [ 1832 – 1335 Hijri],Haji Didaar Ali Khan [ Barbrahna1295,Hijri].
                 Hazrat Abul Fateh Chishti and Hazrat Shaikh Yaqoob Chisti  who brought the Chishtiyya order and Hazrat Shaikh Junaid ahmad usmani  peer qadri ,who brought Qadriya order to Ghazipur and they are considered as the most outstanding Sufi saints  in eastern U.P.Both dargahs are the most holy places for Muslims. The Dargahs are equally holy for Hindus and other religion followers. The shrines are equally prayed by Hindus. ‘urses are a yearly celebration of the death date of  Sufi saints.


  1. Dear Mr. Obaidur Rehman Makki,
    i am really very happy to see the current position of my sheikh's Jad Hazrat Syed Shah Junaid Qadri Ghazipuri (R.A.) really very impressive approximately 431 years has been passed and its looks that this is very near.. about activities there...
    Warm wishses,
    Syed Mustafa Qadri Junaidi

  2. Mr. Obaidur Rehman Makki,
    i am really very happy to see the current position of my jad e walaa Sheikh-ul- Mashaiq Hazrat Syed Shah Junaid Qadri Ghazipuri (R.A.) really very impressive
    thanks for information,Best wishes Syed Shah Mohammad Waliullah Junaidi (Karachi Pakistan)