Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nudity in indian movies

Wanted Cultured Ladies

              First on screen kiss – Devika Rani kissing Himanshu Rai in `Karma`
Devika Rani (1907-1994) attracted the tagline ‘the first lady of the Indian screen’ and raised the status of then-stigmatised female stars, thanks to her background. She had won a scholarship to RADA in London. She was the costume designer for her first film with Himanshu Rai, who she later married. The film was A Throw of Dice (1929). In Karma (1933), Devika and Himanshu had a passionate, four-minute long kissing scene much before the censors in independent India banned kissing.

Indian cinema in full nudity some denies,whts it all ?Who can say that indian movies do not involve in porn movies.
Shame .. shame ..shame

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